General Information about Nin

Nin is a small, dreamy town in Croatia and a sought-after destination in the Zadar region, especially in the summer months. Unique are the many long flat sandy beaches, which especially families with small children and the elderly appreciate. Moreover, the historical old town of Nin is absolutely charming, where you can see some interesting attractions while strolling through the center. Pretty restaurants and small cafés in a romantic setting invite guests to enjoy and linger. But there are even more things to do in Nin! The entire surrounding area is also ideal for going on excursions, and thus a vacation in Nin is guaranteed not to get bored.

The small town of Nin with 2,800 inhabitants is located in Dalmatia, about 15 kilometers north of Zadar Old Town and only 10 kilometers from Vir Island. The resort is popular for its endlessly long beaches, which slope very gently into the sea and therefore offer optimal bathing pleasure, especially for families with children. A few of these dream bays are even among the most beautiful sandy beaches in Croatia! On the other hand, those who like to be active can enjoy many cool activities such as jogging, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, SUP and cycling during a visit in Nin.

Nin Old Town

Especially famous is the romantic old town of Nin, which is beautifully nestled in a picturesque lagoon landscape. Quaint taverns, restaurants and pretty cafés invite to linger and stroll around. Thanks to its rich history, the old town center is considered to be “the cradle of Croatia” and a visit should not be missed on any trip.

The historic old town of Nin is a small pearl in Croatia. It has been located on a tiny island since the 14th century, a promontory formed by sedimentation, and is connected to the mainland by two bridges. From the parking lot, a small pedestrian bridge directly leads to the historic town center. Right in front of it there is the monument of Knez Branimir of Nin, greeting visitors with his raised sword. Walking through the ancient alleys of the city, one discovers many things worth seeing and countless beautiful details to photograph.

Attractions like historic churches, small museums and even the ruins of what had once been the largest Roman temple in Croatia can be marveled at in Nin, thanks to its rich history. The heart of the old town is the stunning main square, where small cafés offer delicious refreshments in a unique setting. In the main square there is also the interesting Archaeological Museum, where ancient objects, jewelry and historical boats are exhibited.

The Most Amazing Beaches in Nin

The beautiful beaches in Nin make this resort a popular destination for sun-seeking vacationers from all over the world. Around the town there are countless beautiful sandy bays, which are ideal for a vacation by the sea. Most of the beaches are fine, long sandy beaches that delight with beautiful natural scenery, clear water and perfect cleanliness.

Beach Ždrijac is the closest beach to Villa Hetti

The sandbar of the beach Ždrijac has an unusual shape and seems to embrace the old town of Nin on the island. The beach is ideal for swimming in the sea for children, adults and lovers of adrenaline sports. Thanks to favorable winds it has become a popular center for those who love windsurfing and kitesurfing as a form of active tourism. For beginners and those who want to renew their sports skills, water sports schools are organized here. When the wind appears, which is present almost every day in the lagoon, dragons quickly decorate the sky above the old town on the island, so the view looks like a game while passionate fans of increasingly popular hang gliding enjoy their stunts, walkers enjoy the view and photographers create exceptional photographs.